Introduction to the Libyan Revolution


Libyan people show their love for Muammar Al-Qathafi by creating the largest picture in history which enters the Guinness Book of World Records:

7 Responses to Introduction to the Libyan Revolution

  1. M. Fauzi A. Alkaff says:

    Libyan Leader , HE. Gaddafi , must not believe whatever NATO/US proposes for peace ! Their strategy in peace talks is proven to occupy countries (Oil/Gas Energy etc. ), such as Afghanistan / Iraq etc by their so-called ” human rights”. They killed many thousands of civilan people wherever in they go in the world and the UN /Int. Human Court just shuts its mouth! Their idea of bombing or stopping bombing is just for their colonialism! Why don’t French/US with their Allied Civilian Killing Soldiers propose democratic Libyan Leader Election conversely asking Gadafi to stay?

  2. Info about LJBC TV: Jamahiriya Broadcasting Corporation. The main news provider in Libya. e stat up to new link go to des o look de new o de my info

  3. LJBC TV: Jamahiriya Broadcasting libya state tv open now i new link you go to des o look ask o des link to and ppl o you freens


  5. Evacat says:

    Libya muss noch mal ganze grun !!!!!!!! Mi jamahiriya mi beautiful simbol Libya mouamar gaddafi……Ist sunni !!!!!!!!!

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